The Fergussons of Kilkerran


While historically there have been several branches of the Clan, each with its own head, the Chief of the Kilkerran Fergussons has been recognized by the Lord Lyon of Scotland since the early 18th century as the Chief of all the Fergus(s)ons.

The House of Fergusson of Kilkerran in Ayrshire […]

Clan Tartan, Crest and Motto






Motto: Dulcius Ex Asperis (Sweeter After Difficulties) Badge: A bee on a thistle.

The armorial badge which all members of the Clan are entitled to wear, consists of a bee and thistle encircled with a strap and buckle, bearing the motto –Dulcius Ex Asperis (Sweeter After Difficulties)

Origin of […]

Septs and Names of Clan Fergus(s)on

A Sept is a family or a kindred (a group of related persons) that for any number of reasons has associated itself with a larger family or kindred. Septs were often small in size and obtaining the protection of a larger more powerful family was of great importance in the unruly Middle […]

Clan Fergus(s)on History

Clan Fergus(s)on is a Scottish clan. Known as the Sons of Fergus they have spread across Scotland from as far as Ross-shire in the north to Dumfriesshire in the south.

The name Fergusson, or Ferguson, and its history originates in Antrim in north-eastern Ireland, extending to the shores of Dalriada on […]