A.G.M. 2014

Minutes of the meeting of the Clan Fergus(s)on Society 2 pm on 4th September at the King Robert Hotel, Bannockburn. Present: Sir Charles & Lady Amanda Fergusson, Stanley Ferguson(Chairman), Mrs Helen Ferguson, Billy & Liz Crawford, Alastair & Kirsty Ferguson Urquhart, Maralyn Donnelly (Treasurer), Richard Fergusson (London), Bruce and Joyce Ferguson (Virginia), Henry Ferguson (Switzerland) & Eva (Lima, Peru) ,  Dr Duncan Ferguson.

Apologies for absence were received from Adam Fergusson (President),  Jack & Betty McIvor,  Iain Fergusson, Ann Guild, Kathleen Ferguson, Don & Jean Ferguson Thornhill,  Alberto Ferguson(Columbia).

AG.G.M. Attendees 2014

AG.G.M. Attendees 2014

A minute’s silence was held for members deceased since the last AGM in 2013 : John Ferguson, Meg Ferguson and Ian Ferguson (Bute).

Copies of a letter from Iain Ferguson were distributed by the Chairman, in which he tendered his resignation from the post of Hon. Secretary as at 20th August.

The Chairman gave an account of the Ferguson tent at Bannockburn Live, where Alberto Ferguson & his 4 sons from Colombia attended. He said that it was not as busy as at previous similar occasions.

Benevolence: It was proposed that current donations to Ellen and Ann Ferguson should cease.      Motion carried.

Genealogy: Richard Fergusson read out a letter from Leanne Ferguson (Genealogist, Australia) with a brief account of helping Clan members during the year by email and via Facebook. She outlined the proposed Fergus(s)on Graves project, which seeks to catalogue on the Internet known Fergus(s)on graves worldwide to aid in family research. She also requested to be considered for the Council/Committee.

Sir Charles Fergusson said that the Society Archives were still being stored safely at Kilkerran, awaiting further decisions.

King Robert Hotel Bannockburn

King Robert Hotel Bannockburn

Internet: Richard Fergusson said that 154 members had joined the society through the new Society website, and 65 had become members of the Facebook page which was only a month old. He said  modern generations rely on social media, but someone is required to update and input content. He suggested:

  1. Stop charging fees if no newsletter or other service is provided to members.
  2. Seek to expand & recruit younger members & try to get them to contribute content.
  3. Send a letter or email to every member to try to ascertain their email address.
  4. Allow and encourage members (even overseas) to stand for the Committee. Alberto Ferguson and Leanne Ferguson were both interested. Such members could attend using (e.g.) Skype.

Much discussion ensued. It was felt that membership fees were necessary to cover costs of (e.g) AGM and Bannockburn Live.

Henry Ferguson asked about the contents of the Society’s Constitution.

Sir Charles Fergusson suggested sending an individual invitation to every member next year inviting them to the AGM.

A vote of thanks to Richard was proposed by Sir Charles.

The meeting ended at 15:45

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